Contract manufacturing organizations are a core part of the biopharmaceutical industry, with commercial manufacturing making up about a third of marketed products.

Why outsource

The large molecules that constitute biopharmaceuticals differ from small molecules not only in their size, but also in their behavior, their manufacture and the way they work in the human body.

Manufacturing these molecules is significantly more complex than producing traditional pharmaceuticals.

In fact, biopharma is a true high-tech industry, with complex processes that relatively few players have entirely mastered.

Helvetic BioPharma has a “mainstream” CMO biopharmaceutical manufacturing (bioprocessing) capacity, providing primarily mammalian cell culture or microbial fermentation services for manufacture at any scale of proteins and antibodies.

We offer clients a customized end-to-end solution to fulfill their R&D and manufacturing requirements.

Our approach enables us to forge client relationships that move beyond the traditional service outsourcing model into true end-to-end collaborations.